Connecting Ends


The class of 2013 thanks the President of the School of Visual Arts, David Rhodes; Katrin Eismann, Chair; and Tom P. Ashe; Associate Chair, MPS Digital Photography; and John McIntosh, Chair of the Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual
Effects Department for their dedication to the Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography program.

We would like to thank our instructors for sharing their breadth of knowledge and experience: Eduardo Angel, Elizabeth Avedon, Andy Batt, Carrie Beene, Benjamin Bobkoff, James Estrin, Michael Foley, Ben Gest, Greg Gorman, Russell Hart, Stella Kramer,
Jaime Permuth, Jim Porto, Jack Reznicki, Matthew Richmond, Rhonda Schaller, John Smock, and Ellen Wallenstein.

Special thanks to: Carrie Atkins, Carl Auge, Tiffany Blount, Richard Brooks, Bradley Crumb, Candace Dobro, Allen Furbeck,
Marko Kovacevic, Malcolm Lightner and Tyson Skross.

Much appreciation also goes to our guest speakers for their insights and inspiration: Jared Alechman, Jorg Badura, Robin Broadbent, Jean-Christian Boucart, Darren Ching, Natan Dvir, Fran Forman, Bryan Formhals, Steph Goralnick, Pamela Hanson, Lance Keimig, Stephen Mayes, Stephen Mallon, Stacy Mehrfar, Rachelle Mozman, Kira Pollack, Miriam Romais, Bob Sacha, Sarah Silver, Amy Stein, Phil Toledano, Stephen Wilkes and Marc Yankus.

We are especially grateful towards our thesis advisors to guided us along the way towards our final projects: Paul Aresu, Matthew Baum, Vanessa Brown, Natan Dvir, Dan Estabrook, Fran Forman, Makoto Fujimura, Bruce Gilden, Yulia Gorbachenko, Stella Kramer, David LaChapelle, Jeff Louviere, Sean Basil McGiver, Lori Nix, Justine Reyes, Timothy Sexton, Sarah Silver, Sybilla Smith, Amy Stein, Bill Wadman and Marc Yankus.

Thank you to the following industry professionals for their generous support:

Jason Geller: B&H Photo EDU Advantage
Daniel Weiss: Calumet Photographic
Eric Luden: Digital Silver Imaging
Albert Fung, Esteban Mauchi and Willie Vera: Laumont Photographics
Marc Schotland: Legion Paper
Jay Lederman and Barry Burstein: The MAC Group
Cliff Hausner and Mark Rezzonico: Profoto
Brenda Hipsher and Liz Quinlisk: X-Rite: