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SVA Digital Photography Program

The School of Visual Arts Masters in Digital Photography is an intensive one-year degree program that addresses the technical and creative needs of professional photographers, photographic educators, and visual arts professionals who are looking to advance their skills in digital image capture, asset management, and high-quality output. The program welcomes those who wish to embrace the challenge of mastering the latest tools and techniques to create technically perfect and aesthetically compelling images.

On-Campus and Online/Summer Residency

The MPS Digital Photography program is offered as both on-campus/summer residency and online/summer residency programs. With the on-campus program requiring fall, spring, and summer attendance on the New York City campus and the online program being completed online in the fall and spring semesters with a required summer session in New York City during which the on-campus and online students work and take classes together to complete their respective thesis projects. Both the on-campus residency classes and the online classes are limited in size and require students to fully apply themselves to creating outstanding contemporary images. SVA offers housing options for the Summer Residency students.

Our Students

Talent, curiosity, and diversity define our student body. Our students embody a wide variety of photographic experience and interests including photojournalism, fashion, fine art, commercial, landscape, and portrait photography. They come to study from countries around the world, including Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, England, Germany, Guatemala, Iceland, Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, Ukraine, and of course the United States. Our students are diverse in age, religion, and gender orientation – all of which enriches their photography, classroom experience, and the lasting personal relationships that are forged throughout the year. Most importantly, our students are independent thinkers, creatively curious, and very hard workers who appreciate the intellectual and creative challenges our faculty and curriculum offers to each of them in order to become better photographers.


The MPS Digital Photography faculty is made up of dedicated professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Each faculty member inspires and challenges our students to create work of power, integrity and imagination. Many come straight from their studios, galleries, and workplaces into our classrooms to nurture the talent of the future by sharing their experiences and insights into the arduous and exhilarating process of becoming a successful professional photographer.